We meet to experience
the "faint recollections that are
the street urchins of memory" *

We’ve met many times over the years, both students and teachers, and so we’ve collected pictures we’ve taken so we can reminisce, share our stories and keep up to date.


*The quote is from Vladimir Nabokov, who did not go to our school, and who shouldn't be confused with Vladimir Mosmondor, who did.


You can also find us on our NHS69ers Facebook Group page. Not everyone is on Facebook, or even wants to be, so please share the link to this site for those who might be interested.


If you have pictures to add or have any comments, contact Vergil Iliescu by email here.

Latest News - What's Happening

Confirmed – December 6th Lunch

2nd December 2021

Hi all Yes lunch will go ahead as planned at the Hellenic Club Woden at 12:30. A small mercy is that the cases in the community are in single digits. What I have I been doing, well causing chaos to myself as usual. I woke up blurred eyed even more so than usual the other…

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December 6th Lunch

5th November 2021

Hi All Ready for a lunch? Well let’s see what happens over the next month but all being well we should be able to lunch as planned.on 6 December. If arrangements change eg need numbers for booking if limits on Club capacity I will tell you. What have I been doing during lockdown? My uncle…

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Planned Sept 6th Lunch – Cancelled

31st August 2021

Message from Paul Worthy: Hi All As you have worked out, lunches are impossible now. Once the clubs open I will arrange one. Must say I am glad we had the last one. At present I will be very surprised if we come out of lock-down before December. How is your lock-down going? I made…

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Planned Sept 6th Lunch

11th August 2021

Lunch in September on Monday 6th 12:30pm at the Hellenic Club Woden will go ahead, Covid allowing. Our August lunch was attended by a small but select group (L->R: Paul Worthy, Vlad Mosmondor, Michael Rosenberg, Ken Purves) While we were discussing colonoscopies (as you do), Robbie was having one. Our discussion was more about the…

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