We meet because we enjoy the
"faint recollections that are the street urchins of memory" *


*The quote is from Vladimir Nabokov, who did not go to our school, and who shouldn't be confused with Vladimir Mosmondor, who did.

Vale Mary Arnold (Knox) who passed away in September 2020.

A Picnic Celebration was held in November, which a few of us were able to attend.

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Galleries for the 40th Reunion & 42nd Reunion.

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We've met many times over the years, both students and teachers, and so this site assembles pictures we've taken so we can share and reminisce.

You can also find us on our Facebook Group page, but not everyone is on Facebook.  Feel free to share the link to this site for those who might be interested.

Latest mini-reunion photos here 
Feb 2021 at the Hellenic Club

Thanks to Susie van den Heuvel (Hickey) for this set: