2021 Lunch Schedule

The proposed schedule for rest of the year is:
  • Friday 2nd July
  • Monday 6 September
  • Friday 29th October
  • Monday 6th December
I had an incident recently. I will just tell you what happened.
I went to put rubbish in the bin and got a surprise there was recycling in the bin. I don’t usually make mistakes like that. My mistake mechanism kicks in. You know like reaching for the toothpaste and picking up the hand soap instead. You realise the mistake and correct the situation.
So I went inside and looked up the 10 signs of dementia! I only had nine of them.
Just kidding I had none – must have been a senior moment.
Looking forward to catching up with many of you on Monday. It will be good to see Vergil who has done a lot of work making contacting you easier. Something we will talk about on Monday.
Look after yourself
Paul Worthy