Another Reminder – Lunch Friday 8th July

School Visit on Fri 30th Nov 2019

Hi all

Lunch is as usual at the Hellenic Club in Woden (details below).

How safe is the club against catching something nasty? ( I include the various flu’s, colds and viruses which are circulating at present).
Basically the risk is no worse probably less than going to your local supermarket. This is because most of the people at the club are baby boomers who have a higher rate of vaccination. If you are vulnerable though don’t come.

I recently had the fourth jab, the nurse was very surprised I had not caught Covid! She thought I must have had it but didn’t know. The number of tests people around me have to have make it almost impossible for me not to know.

The other thing the nurse said was as a reward for being over 70 we can have a free pneumonia vaccination. Highly recommend – I had one years ago but that’s another story!

Look after yourselves and I will see some of you at lunch.

Paul Worthy


Place: Hellenic Club 12:15pm for 12: 30pm
Dates: Fri 8th July
Address: 1 Matilda Street, Philip, A.C.T.  2606