August 6th Lunch?

To lunch or not to lunch – that is the dilemma!  The current situation in Sydney is not going to change anytime soon. On the other hand Canberra has been very lucky. We are all wondering if this luck will run out.

Unless the situation changes I am happy to have lunch next week (Friday August 6th) as long as 4 others attend. However this time I need to know if you will come or not . Undecideds are welcome as well.

Contact Paul Worthy at

My trip to tassie went well.

Coming back in to Melbourne airport was like walking into a B-grade contagion horror movie. All these tired looking people in PPE gear (waiting for the Adelaide flight) while over the PA system the repeated message in a bored tone – “please maintain 1.5 metres apart to prevent the spread of covid etc.”I am pleased to tell you that eating cake worked. My pathology blood tests results this year were all good.

Looking forward to catching up with you sooner or later

Paul Worthy