Confirmed – December 6th Lunch

Hi all

Yes lunch will go ahead as planned at the Hellenic Club Woden at 12:30.

A small mercy is that the cases in the community are in single digits.

What I have I been doing, well causing chaos to myself as usual.

I woke up blurred eyed even more so than usual the other day. Hay fever is not nice. Anyhow had breakfast hoping my eyes would get back to normal soon. Washed them again, right ok but left still not right. Got out the eye drops still no good.

By mid morning squinting and seeing out of one eye I am thinking is this a covid side effect. By mid afternoon I am sure I will have to make a doctors appointment.

I went and decided I would clean my glasses. I found the left lens Missing!!!!!!!
It fell out when I put my glasses down the previous night. Yes the 6 other people in the house that day did not notice the missing lens!.

Just another senior moment that went on most of the day.

Anyhow looking forward to catching up


Place: Hellenic Club 12:15pm for 12: 30pm
Date: Monday 6th December 2021
Address: 1 Matilda Street, Woden ACT 2606


NB: Food depicted not necessarily what you can get at the Hellenic Club! (ha ha – MR)