December 6th Lunch

Hi All
Ready for a lunch? Well let’s see what happens over the next month but all being well we should be able to lunch as planned.on 6 December.

If arrangements change eg need numbers for booking if limits on Club capacity I will tell you.

What have I been doing during lockdown? My uncle who has been living with me died. Before he came to us he was given 4 days to live so living with me for 2 and half years was a bonus. Due to kidney dialysis he underwent 3 times a week he was always cold. That is until he had his first AZ jab he was warm for 3 hours. A pleasant side effect for him.

Do I look like a woolly mammoth? No, after it got too unwieldy, long enough for a small ponytail I let my youngest daughter loose with the clippers. A number 8 all over!

How are you going with monitor, casual and close contacts? I have had a monitor and close. One of my granddaughters got a casual at swimming lesson on Friday and close at gym on Saturday – 16 days quarantine and 3 covid tests!

Anyhow look after yourself “God helps those who help themselves” .
Paul Worthy

Place: Hellenic Club 12:15pm for 12: 30pm
Date: Monday 6th December 2021
Address: 1 Matilda Street, Woden ACT 2606