Next Lunch – 2nd July 2021


Time for another lunch

Place: Hellenic Club 12:15pm for 12: 30pm
Date: Friday 2nd July 2021
Address: 1 Matilda Street, Woden ACT 2606


Message from Paul Worthy, who organises these luncheons:

A major milestone has passed, we are all 69 or older!

My youngest daughter asked me if I felt any older? l told her no but do you realise that in 11 years I will be 80. She thought this was hilarious! So much so she had to tell her sisters. The eldest said “Yeah so?” and the middle child in TAS and granddaughter sent her a picture of them both giving her the middle finger. She, the youngest thought that was funny too.

So what am I doing to assist me in being fit and well at 80 and beyond if I make it. Not a lot was my first reaction then after thinking about it actually quite a bit.

Plus as we all know going to lunch is great for our mental health.

My apologies I wont be able to make this lunch. I will be in TAS. Family comes first. My youngest sister has volunteered to look after my Uncle.

Michael will be host/greeter/signing in etc. I do expect a report and pictures on our Web and Facebook sites.

I am very pleased by the interest shown, number of people who attend lunch and thoses who would like to when in town. We have about 20 people who have attended more than one lunch. Though numbers are averaging around 10.

Given this interest I am sure that if anyone out of Canberra come here when lunch is not on we could arrange a catchup lunch/ coffee. Just email me.


looking forward to lunch in September.