Planned Sept 6th Lunch – Cancelled

Message from Paul Worthy:

Hi All
As you have worked out, lunches are impossible now.
Once the clubs open I will arrange one. Must say I am glad we had the last one.

At present I will be very surprised if we come out of lock-down before December.

How is your lock-down going? I made a big mistake by not getting a haircut before lock-down. I hate to think how long it will get. An ABC British foreign correspondent commented that on freedom day in England their hair looked like those long haired Scottish highland cattle. I am going to look like a woolly mammoth. Lack of exercise and comfort eating. Perhaps I will just shave it all off if it gets too annoying.

One of my mates who lives alone let boredom and curiosity get the better of him and went and had a covid test for something to do!!

Here is a quick test you can take to see how stressed you are. Tonight when your comfortable in bed and ready to go to sleep, open your eyes slowly. The harder you had your eyes closed the more stressed you are. Close them lightly and almost instant relief!

Look after yourself and don’t sleep with your eyelids tightly closed.

Paul Worthy